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PPE Packs

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BLUF: FireMom.com PPE Packs Include: 

  • 1 12-Pack of Firewipes
  • 1 30-Day Supply of Overhaul
  • 1 Bar of Activated Charcoal Soap

Save $5 when you purchase a PPE Pack instead of purchasing each product individually. 

What we know...

Currently 47% of all firefighters end up with some form of cancer either during their service or following.

We have to be proactive and take personal responsibility to do everything we can to prevent cancer.

So you have your PPE, but what all does that include?

The gear you wear into a fire helps to protect you from chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical or other hazards while you’re fighting a fire.

What about when you’re not actively fighting a fire? What PPE are you using then?

We’d like to introduce our new PPE line. This PPE is Proactive Prevention Everyday. It is your daily preventative measure against the harsh exposures that cause serious health problems in firefighters.

The FireMom.com PPE Pack includes your full body detox for after you step out of a fire.

First, you have Firewipes to immediately wipe the carcinogens off of your skin.

Next, as soon as you have the opportunity, you shower with the Last Line of Cancer Defense Activated Charcoal Soap to cleanse you body externally from head to toe.

Then it’s time to cleanse your body internally. That’s where Overhaul comes in. Overhaul was specifically designed by firefighters for firefighters to naturally detox your body on a daily basis. Taken once a day, this compound of amazing ingredients helps your body naturally get rid of toxins to improve your overall health. 

Your PPE shouldn’t end when you walk out of a fire.

Order your PPE Packs today!