Mom Needed a Fire Mom Sticker

Do you want to know the story of how started? The real, un-sugarcoated, mother and daughter start-up story? Good, cause that’s what you’re going to get here. 

First, since this is our first blog, I thought I’d start with a quick introduction. I’m Tara, fire sister, mil veteran, and co-owner here at - I run our social media accounts, website, and now our blog. You’re going to quickly realize that I’m a straight shooter and I’m going to keep it real with you guys! I’ve decided to start this blog in hopes of connecting with you on a more real level. I want to allow you to get to know us and I want to get to know you. So, please, after you’re done reading this, feel free to send me a message on Instagram, drop me an email, or comment posts here on on social media!

Ok, so, how did come to be?

Well, one night I was sitting at Mexican food with my mom and her boyfriend and my mom had recently retired but was talking about wanting to make some money in retirement. She had been an executive assistant for most of her career and, let me tell you, that woman can program an excel spreadsheet to do things you’ve never even thought of. So, her initial thought was – “well, I could do spreadsheets for people – like small business owners.” And I said, “yeah, you could, and you’d kill it, and they’d love it, and they’d pay you a ton to do that cause no one knows how to do that…… and I think you’d enjoy it at first, butttt maybe not after a while and, honestly mom, it kinda sounds miserable as something fun to do in retirement.” So, we brainstormed for a bit and we both decided to think on it.

Well, that night I was laying in bed and thinking “What’s a problem mom has that she could solve and create a business around? What does mom need?” And for some reason I thought, “Well, she has been asking my brother for that Fire Mom sticker for years and doesn’t have one yet.” Hahaha

So, I came to her with this very basic idea of creating a company of gear and gifts for firefighters and their families – and she was EXCITED!!! YESSS! So, she and I started brainstorming from there. We had all these ideas in our heads, GRAND plans at the time… I mean, honestly, they were kinda what our business looks like now, which is super cool! The idea was that if we didn’t have access to awesome, quality gear to show off our pride in our firefighter then other families must have the same issue, so why not provide quality items and a community for those families and firefighters at the same time.

Then the next night I started looking at URLs and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that was actually available!!! So, I bought it!!! I didn’t tell my mom that it was available – I just bought it! And the next morning I went to her and said, “So, mom…. I did a thing last night!” and she said, “Well, I guess we’ve gotta do it now!” So was born!!

One thing we hope you notice is that everything we do, we aim for quality. I actually design all of our mugs, stickers, and patches myself. My mom makes all of our key lanyard by hand. Then we partner with some of the best firefighter owned brands in the business for most of the rest of our lineup of amazing products. We truly love this community!

We started as a gear and gifts store, and as you may know, we’ve since changed our mission. I’ll cover that in another blog post soon, as that change is so important to who we are, but thought I’d share the story of how we came to be!

Thank you for joining us on our journey so far and thanks for checking out our very FIRST blog post!!

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