As you may know our mission changed and FLAME Natural Decon was born from this venture, which you all know is my passion and truly my life’s work. So, while a bit sad and nostalgic, it’s time SELL the store, so I can continue putting all of my focus on FLAME.

I'm so excited to pass this off to another Fire Family to continue this awesome mission.

Thank you so so so much (words cannot express) my gratitude for your support and friendship as these two businesses have truly brought me into the fire community! Lots of love to you all!

I'm going to put the details of the sale below. If you're interested, email me at and we'll setup a time to chat.

- Tara Business For Sale

$15k OBO

Sale Includes:

- More than $13k retail value in product inventory

- URL with turnover of existing Shopify Interface and Website

- Email List

- Instagram Page

- Facebook Page

- Artwork for all designs

- Vendor List

- 2 days of turnover to integrate you with your new business

Again, if you're interested, email me at


Our mission is to support fire family wellness through information, resources and products that help fire families thrive.

Throughout our store you will see products that focus on physical wellness, emotional health, and morale items that bring a smile and little comfort, reminding us that we’re all one big fire family.

On our social media channels, in news outlets, and at other communication venues, you will see us supporting organizations and sharing information about emotional and physical health, as that is vital to the core of a fire family.

As a fire family, we know that this life is one to be so proud of, but it isn’t easy. That’s why fostering a fire family network is a priority to us, as we have amazing resources available for fire families by fire families.

If there’s ever anything we can do to support the wellness of your family, we want you to reach out to us, as we will help or personally introduce you to someone within the family who will.

- The Family