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Fire Mom

Hi, I’m Cindy, the Fire Mom at I’m the proud mom of a San Diego City Firefighter. Tara "Fire Sis" and I started because we wanted to provide access to unique and quality gear and gifts for firefighters and their families — and truthfully, because I had been asking my firefighter son for a new “Fire Mom” sticker for my car for more than a year and still didn't have one. He felt bad every time I asked him about it, but he had been busy fighting fires, training with a new department and getting married. Understandably, my sticker wasn't at the top of his priority list. So, we decided to make our own and create a place where fire families could get their own too! 


Our first sale was to a firefighter, who said he knew "someone in need of a Fire Mom sticker." Thanks, favorite son! 👨‍🚒❤️

As a fire family, we know that a few of your priorities when giving gifts to your firefighter are to help equip them with the little extras that will make the job a little easier, a little safer, and make their days a little brighter. The gear and gifts we have available for firefighters aim to do just that. 

We also want our families to be able to show their pride so we have quality gear and gifts available that we know our fire families will love. 

Whether you're a firefighter or the family member of one, we hope you find something that brings a smile to the face of your loved one or makes your job a little easier. 

- Cindy "Fire Mom" & Tara "Fire Sis"